Our PR firm brings out-of-the box thinking and seasoned counsel to every client relationship.

We are passionate about creating innovative communications programs that get our clients word out.

As experienced PR practitioners and journalists, we understand the value and power of the written word whether transmitted digitally or through traditional channels. We also understand that each organization is unique, and therefore, our communications campaigns are carefully tailored according to the individual needs of each of our clients.

Our communications services include:

  • Newsletters and eNewsletters
  • Internal communications copy
  • Ghost-writing for traditional and digital media
  • Blog and social platform copy
  • Organizing, promoting and developing all communications materials for in-person and virtual events for stakeholders, employees, media or bloggers.

Our results speak for themselves: Thanks to the innovative communications campaigns of our PR team, targeted audiences get the message, while our clients experience the business benefits of a message well disseminated.

For samples of our communications work, please contact us at info@gailbergmanpr.com.

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