With our journalism background and years of working with editors, reporters and news directors, our PR firm has an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the media world.

From mainstream print and broadcast media, to industry publications and online media, to blogs and social media networks, our team of PR professionals has the ability to create news stories that successfully get covered, reaching targeted audiences and generating volumes of results for our clients.

We have the media and blogger connections, but do not solely rely on them. We create and promote each story according to its own news value, and have a strong sense for the types of angles that will receive maximum pick-up, adapting stories according to the needs of each outlet.

Our media relations services include:

  • News releases, backgrounders, digital support materials
  • Blog and social media content
  • Media and blogger communications
  • Media and blogger events
  • News conferences
  • Media tours
  • Media and spokesperson training

For selected samples of media and blog coverage our PR firm has generated, please contact us at info@gailbergmanpr.com.

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