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  • Catelli Foods Corporation

    “Gail and her group are a strategic, dedicated, detailed and results-oriented team that works hard behind the scenes to ensure programs are a success. Promoting the Catelli Healthy Harvest line of products, they consistently pushed for results and developed creative ideas to get the brand in the spotlight. They are a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any company or program.”

    Jennifer Coombe
    Marketing Manager
    Catelli Foods Corporation, Etobicoke, Ontario

  • CIL Paints

    “CIL has been working with Gail Bergman PR for a number of years and we have been extremely pleased with the media coverage we have received. GBPR works on our behalf to provide creative ideas and develop newsworthy stories that generate high-profile media coverage from coast to coast on an ongoing basis - which in turn helps build brand awareness and support paint sales.”

    Alison Goldman
    Marketing Communications Manager
    CIL Paints, Concord, Ontario

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers

    “SME has had outstanding experiences working with Gail and her team for the promotion of our largest Canadian manufacturing events: Canadian Manufacturing Week (CMW) and the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS). Their ability to write insightful and accurate releases, knowledge of local and national media, and quick response to all of our needs and requests made the process seamless and painless. Most importantly, we received excellent media coverage before, during and after both events – far exceeding our expectations.”

    Melissa Smith
    Senior Marketing Specialist
    Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Dearborn, Michigan

  • World Conference on Disaster Management

    “Gail Bergman and her team are extremely dedicated and diligent in providing superior public relations services to the World Conference on Disaster Management. Gail's high standards ensure that her team meets the expectations of her clients and media partners. GBPR possesses a unique ability to delve into any organization, understand its core values and industry pain points to build PR angles that will stimulate and deliver exciting media coverage. I have been very impressed with the strategic counsel, attention to detail and outstanding ability to execute seamless PR strategies that deliver strong results. I would highly recommend GBPR services as a necessary addition to any marketing mix.”

    Jennifer Wittkopp
    Manager, Marketing Communications
    World Conference on Disaster Management
    Owned and produced by: Diversified Business Communications
    Markham, Ontario


    Sico Inc.

    “What I appreciate most about Gail Bergman PR is that I get maximum impact with minimum effort from my part.  They grasp my briefings and objectives very rapidly, and come up with action plans that are to the point and deliver results. There’s no wasted time. They are quick, effective and a pleasure to work with.”

    Dominique Pépin
    Senior Brand Manager
    Sico Inc., Longueuil, Quebec

  • ventureLAB

    “What stands out most about Gail Bergman PR are the results the team consistently delivers. We have worked with the GBPR team since 2003 (formerly as the Innovation Synergy Centre in Markham), and they have demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify and promote the news value of our services, events and programs, resulting in ongoing, significant media exposure for our organization. GBPR's strategies, marketing messages, contacts and influence within the media have helped – and continue to help – ventureLAB in building client attention, business opportunities and market presence.”

    Brigitte Sharpe
    Communications & Events Programming Manager
    ventureLAB, York Region, Ontario

  • Specialty Data Systems

    “We hadn’t done any formal public relations before working with Gail Bergman PR, and appreciated the guidance and direction provided by Gail and her team. We’re most impressed with their promptness, follow-through, professionalism and the fact that they’re well connected. They’re a co-operative, ‘get things done’ kind of team, and their efforts have definitely helped raise awareness of our company.”

    Dave Cole
    Specialty Data Systems, Toronto, Ontario

  • Mitacs

    “Gail Bergman PR is a pleasure to work with – positive, professional, organized and always successful at ensuring that our stories and messaging effectively reach the general public. Even for smaller announcements for which we didn’t anticipate significant coverage, GBPR delivered results and media attention well beyond our expectations. We consider GBPR to be committed members of our team, always working together with us to ensure our goals are met. We appreciate the attention, rapid response and high-priority service we always receive from the GBPR team.”

    Megan Airton
    Director, Communications
    Mitacs, Burnaby, British Columbia

  • Tafisa Canada

    “Gail Bergman PR always brings professionalism to the table. Projects are handled quickly and efficiently while meeting our specific goals. Thanks to Gail Bergman and her team, we consistently receive excellent North America-wide media coverage that successfully reaches our target market in both Canada and the U.S.

    Lise LeBreton
    Marketing Director
    Tafisa Canada, Dorval, Quebec

  • Chemtrade Logistics

    “We have been working with Gail Bergman PR for over 10 years. We have always had a very positive experience and working relationship with the team. Along with their excellent customer service skills, they have always displayed a high degree of creativity, dedication, and professionalism. They understand us so well that they can anticipate our needs and exceed our expectations which is key to good service. We look forward to another 10 years together!

    Gagan Ghuman
    HR Manager
    Chemtrade Logistics, Toronto, Ontario

  • Renovantage

    “I highly recommend the services of Gail Bergman PR. The GBPR team is professional, dedicated to meeting our business objectives, and focused on delivering results. Every time the team secures a piece of television, radio or newspaper coverage for our company, which they do exceptionally well, we see a measurable increase in business leads.

    Greg Peterson
    President and CEO
    Renovantage, Toronto, Ontario

  • Dulux Paint

    “Our objective through PR is to build brand awareness and recognition in order to support sales, and Gail Bergman PR has been key in helping us achieve our goals. The GBPR team successfully and continuously generates significant media coverage on our behalf across the country, which has been extremely valuable in supporting the marketing efforts of our retail network and strengthening the brand among both our trade and consumer markets.

    Martin Tustin-Fuchs
    Brand Manager
    Dulux Paint, Concord, Ontario

  • Lauzon Flooring

    “We are really happy to do business with the Gail Bergman PR team. They have a knack for quickly grasping our corporate and project objectives and deliver excellent results with minimal effort and involvement on our part. We are extremely pleased with the extensive media coverage we have received both across Canada and the U.S., which in turn helps our company build brand awareness and supports flooring sales.

    Priscilla Bergeron
    Communications Manager
    Lauzon Flooring, St. Laurent, Quebec

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